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Struggling with facing anxiety


Hi all,

Trying something new here by joining this community. I have been struggling with anxiety on and off for about the last 5 years. I have really taken a turn for the worst this last year. I haven’t seen a doctor for it since I was first diagnosed and am too scared to be seen again. Part of me wants to get help but the other part feels as if I need to handle it myself. I feel as if I suffer from extreme hypochondria. Everyday I am finding new health problems that seem so real to me. Whether it be a brain tumor or something else. I recently have been having muscle twitches in my leg the last Few weeks. I try to surpress my thoughts and tell myself it’s anxiety. But the other part of me is so sure I have ALS. I am constantly finding health issues that I think I have. I am googling symptoms daily. I wake up daily wondering if I will die that day. Everyday I worry a family member or friend will die. Part of me feels guilty for having such horrible anxiety because nothing bad has ever happened to me so I feel selfish. But some days I feel like I am cheating myself out of life because my anxiety is becoming crippling and I’m self imploding. Just curious on how other people have overcome this. I feel like I have driven my friends crazy that I can’t talk o them about it anymore.

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Hi. I have the same issues, I wake up in total fear that someone I love will die. The fear is paralyzing. I have had bouts of hypochondria as well. One summer I spent almost everyday at my school clinic with a new ailment. I can’t say I’ve really overcome these things, but I have learned that I cannot let them overtake my life. I have to face the fear and keep moving forward. Welcome to the forum!

Oh Freddy, I'm so sorry to hear that you are struggling with anxiety that is to the level of becoming crippling. Life is a beautiful gift meant living, not constantly worrying about things that are outside of your control. I feel like my very personality makes me more predisposed to anxiety and worry- my first instinct is to worry and think the worst. What I'm learning is that the first step to living a better life begins with my own thoughts. I can choose to think the worst or choose to believe the best. Worrying doesn't bring me anything good- only unnecessary pain. I hate to hear that you don't want to seek help again and feel like you should be able to do this on your own. There is nothing wrong with getting help- we all need help in this life even if it is to just have someone listen and give some new healthy perspectives. Wishing you all the best and know you are stronger than you think -- freedom from this anxiety is possible if you dare to believe.

Hi! You are not alone. I have those fears too, I constantly wake up thinking I have somethig and I will die. No matter what I feel "new " in my body I always think it a tumor and I will leave my husband and kids behind. I am also going to a psychologist who specializes in anxiety. I try to workout every day and eat somewhat healthy. I am not taking any meds right now ( but I think I will have to soon) there are very dark days where my anxiety is roof top, but just cry it out, it will make you feel a little better AND DONT GOOGLE SYNTOMS. That's anxietys worst enemy. I did that and I got worst, i know it's hard to not do it because you want an answer right away. Just pray and give thanks to God, he is there for us. I am a Christian and I believe he is our survivor and I have known many people who suffered from anxiety and depression and got cured by God. Wish you de best and I am here for you. GOD BLESS YOU


I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m not a hypochondriac, but I know what excessive fear and worry feels like. First, stay off Google! The internet is full of horror stories and most are not true. Another thing that helps is I don’t watch the news. I don’t even get notifications on my phone because it’s always bad news. You need to start filling your mind with good thoughts because it really does work. It’ll take time but it’s helped me greatly. Get into meditation because it’ll teach you to clear those bad thoughts. Therapy is wonderful too. I was seeing my therapist every 2 weeks but now it’s onky monthly because I am more comfortable with my thoughts. There are so many resources out there so you will get better. Trust in that and good luck to you!

Hello, WildHoney is right on. Do all the positive things you can for yourself. If you can afford it find a reputable therapist (some have sliding scale fees) and talk, talk, talk. You need to get your fears out. Look for support groups in your area, they are generally free or low cost. You may need to see a Dr. there are some good med's out there for these symptoms, I am on them for anxiety and depression, do not let taking med's be an issue, there are millions of us who do. Talk to us here, we will try to help you, give you support, encouragement and love. I send you love and strength, hugs too. Sprinkle 1 X

Hi, I’m happy for you for joining this community to seek support for yourself. I’m sorry that you’re having this battle. I can tell that you value and love your life. Nothing bad has ever happened to you and that’s amazing. Don’t let Google diagnosis you with anything too serious! It’s okay to talk to other people about what you’re going through. If you ever need it, here's a number where you can speak to a counselor for free: 1-855-771-4357. I believe that they’re able to help you so that you don’t handle this alone. I hope that everything works out!

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