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Need to escape the rut...


My life came to an abrupt halt with my breakdown a year ago. Since then, we've (hubby and 4-yr-old child) been struggling financially because of the change to my job status. Rough times. REALLY rough times. Now we want to climb out of this rut by relocating and starting over elsewhere, but I don't think I can work a well-paying, thinking FT job like before, even if we DIDN'T move elsewhere. Too burned out and exhausted, physically and mentally to go back to work OR school (to pursue another degree, as planned). Not currently sharp, motivated, energetic, on top of my game. So how in the world do I get life going again when what is seemingly needed is not something I'm currently able to do? I feel like I'm perishing in this rut. Please respond.

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I don’t know that relocating will help you being that you’re in financial crisis right now. If you were single, I would say go for it. Being that you have a child, you need to make preparations before you make a move. At the very least you should have a job in the locale before you move.

Are you in debt, or just not able to make ends meet? If your in debt and can’t climb out, I would suggest speaking with a attorney in regards to filing bankruptcy. There’s a couple different options and typically a consult regarding bankruptcy is free.

You seem to imply that your well educated and typically have a well paying job. I’m not sure what your resume looks like, but I might suggest getting a menial job that isn’t to demanding. You may find a level of comfort knowing that you can find a higher paying job. I only suggest this because you say your burned out. It may help you to get into a routine so that you can be prepared to get back into your field of study. It may also make you realize all the assets you have through education and experience.

Keep your head up, and good luck.

Hi if money is solely the issue at the moment you don't need to take a high flying job as surely any job would do? It may be demeaning to work at a lower ability job but it would surely be easier than having to think too much. How about part time work at something else for the time being? Once you have climbed out of the debt hole then that is the time to reconsider your options. x

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