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I am new here


Hi Good afternoon,

I am new here, and I hoping that this will be a good place to express what I am going through in my life. I've had a lot happen to me recently within the past few months, and have been really struggling with anxiety and depression. I did a partial inpatient program at the beginning of this summer. It helped tremendously, as I was in a really bad place. I am hoping to find others that I can relate with on my journey. Right now, I am feeling pretty good today. I think I made a good decision by joining this group. Thanks for having me.

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welcome raine575....this is a good place with nice people...and the best way to get to know them is to read posts and comments, and to share about yourself and what's going on with you....glad your sharing.

raine575 in reply to fauxartist

Thanks! Nice to meet you too. I am probably going to be sharing a lot over the next few days. It feels good to talk and write about how I am feeling.


Good afternoon and welcome to the community, Raine575.

Yes, your decision to join this group is excellent!!

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