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I’m sorry I haven’t been posting-feeling down lately!


Hi everyone I hope you’re all doing well and fighting the good fight. I haven’t been online in a week or so. I have been battling this awful disease. I have been totally isolated, depressed, in constant anxiety, not sleeping or sleeping too much, not showering or even going outside. I like you, go through these really rough funks every few months. They last for a few weeks. I completely shut down.

The good news is that I started my first TMS Treatment yesterday. After much research and reading the success rates, I signed up. It’s a stimulation for the part of the brain that has depression. If you’re really struggling and tried several medications and doctors, this might be for you.

Anyway, I feel that yucky guilt feeling in the pit of my stomach for not checking up on here. I think about you guys all the time. I am just taking a breather to get myself feeling better. REMEMBER the solar system is going through a major shift and it’s causing a lot of unwanted feelings of anger and irritation. I posted an article the other week about it. So, some symptoms could be from the shift.

I’ll be in touch soon after a few more sessions. Just going outside yesterday to the appointment already brought on some energy. Love and hugs to you all ❤️🤗

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Hello! I wish you all the best. Love, hugs, peace & joy! Know this will pass. Love & Hugs!!!

me too lets hope you are feeling better real soon.

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