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Feeling good !!


Hi I haven't posted in a while and I lost my other page.. last time I was up here I was so depressed and my anxiety was through the roof .. I wanna say thank you for the Encouragement and helpful words and everything.. I have been doing well I'm just getting back into the swing of things and I still have my days .. thank you so much and to everyone enjoy ur day or evening and there is going to be brighter days ahead !!!

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Great to hear the good new Lexi345. Make it a great day. The best is yet to come. :) xx

Lexi345 in reply to Agora1

Thank you so much !! Just stayi positive and focused on life just got to live it and enjoy it

So glad you're having a good day!!!!

Lexi345 in reply to Tedddy

Thank you hope ur having a nice day

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