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Need some support and advice for anxiety and life changes


I had a really bad weekend. I turned to alcohol and I need to not do that. I lost a friend because I drank and acted stupid (not even positive what i did) and am going through a divorce and just feeling really lost. Everyone tells me how nice I am and always gives me compliments, but then I have my anxiety and crash and feel worthless and as much as I hate to actually say it... sometimes I just don't want to live... that's not easy to admit to people you love... Can anyone relate? I try to escape to sleep, but often times have nightmares. I'm just a mess.

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Feeling the same way a lot lately. I've isolated myself from my friends and most of my family because they don't think that what I'm feeling is anything but my own fault. My husband is the only person I feel I can talk to. But how can I tell him that most days I go through the motions because I have to? That I see no point in life and would rather just try and sleep it away?

Not all days are like that though. I have to remind myself that this feeling is temporary and that tomorrow always has the potential to be better. And sometimes it really is. Keep focusing on that. Sometimes, just focusing on getting yourself through the next 5 minutes, and then the next, is enough to keep you going. Setting small, attainable goals for yourself can help you work through those anxiety crashes.

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Thank you for getting it. My attacks last hoursz I made a dr appt for Friday. My guy gets hurt when I yell him I just want to disappear sometimes. When I’m like that, there’s zero quality of life 😞

Is your anxiety because of the divorce? I went through one and anxiety and depression hit me hard through that process.

There are a lot of supportive people on this forum that have the same feelings that you are experiencing and can relate to what you have said (I do). Hope things get better for you.

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No I’ve had the anxiety for 18 years. He and I are still friends and going to even live in the same house... I just can’t expect him to totally emotionally support me anymore.



I know it is easier said than done, but try not to beat yourself up about what happened over the weekend. You are going through a divorce and that is stressful an depressing, I know. We all make mistakes and sometimes the mistakes are so big we wish for a do-over. Since that is not always possible, we must learn to forgive ourselves.

Forgive yourself. It does take lots of time.

You are well aware of your anxiety issue and that is good! Everyone expresses anxiety differently and then there are various levels of anxiety. I was on the extreme end of it. Boy, the stories I could tell!

The next step is managing your emotions- anxiety, depression,anger, etc. You can begin with self-help (books, YouTube..) and/or go the professional route. Therapy might be a good option.

Always remember that we are always here for you. ((HUGS))

Yea, definitely alcohol just makes matters worse, sorry you are going thru a rough patch! Have you ever tried natural ways to get out of the pit? I found magnesium and ginseng helped me a lot! They calm the mind body and spirit and get rid of the sticky negative thoughts that loop around and around. They kick anxiety in the butt! Also, get outside, lay on grass, look at stars when down, they will help a lot more and have no bad side effects. =) Life does get really hard sometimes, do things you love, find small joys and reinvent your new life. It will be different either way so take risks, fun risks and make new friends that have nothing to do with your ex. The doors are open for you, for change, go for it! =)

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