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Its never my turn


I have always been the one who does everything for anyone. No matter what it is Im always there for the ones i love. Recently though I have been having the hardest time holding on. All I want to do is let go and give up and just end it all. My family and my friends became aware of this and have been supportive and want me to take a break from everything that stresses me out so i can heal. I thought that this time I would get the opportunity to finally focus on myself. To finally work on my mental health but I was wrong. All my family has been doing is arguing back and forth and stressing about money so theres no way I can focus on myself when they need my help. I cant be selfish. I cant work on myself. I will never get better.

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I guess you don't want advice so have taken my reply to you off.

It sounds like you are a very giving person. I have two suggestions.

First, figure out how giving can serve you. I had to do this and it has been a blessing. When I do things for others I make sure that I am doing it for me. The others may benefit, but I am in control of judging the outcome.

Second, try editing your self talk. The “never, always, and everythings” are causing extreme emotions. Be meticulous in your speech (self talk).

If you have a chance search for “The four agreements”. They are a guide to taking care of yourself.

Remember that you have to take care of yourself first if you want to be of any benefit to others.

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