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Feeling lost


I'm new here. I finally decided that i can't keep feeling this way and i need to do something about it. The last year, my mental health has gone to complete crap. I used to be genuinely happy and then boom, my life took a 180. Things really hit rock bottom when my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me. It's like i have forgotten how to be on my own. I feel completely lost. I feel so alone. I don't even think it's just the breakup, i think the breakup made me reach my breaking point. I can't sleep, i can't eat, i can barely breathe half the time. I just wish i could do something. I have so many people who have reached out and continuously reach out to let me know they love me, but i feel so alone. I have been seeing a counselor for almost two months now to cope with my severe anxiety and depression, but it feels like i have made no progress and every day that passes by i get worse. It sucks. I have no motivation to do anything any longer. I hate going to school, i can't even think about school without feeling the urge to puke. I just feel like im in this hole i can't get out of. I just need something to hold on to. It's my senior year after all. I have so many lasts coming up and i fear that I won't be able to enjoy when my mental health is so bad.

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I feel for you because it is a difficult journey with many ups and downs. I have found cbt very helpful to put my thoughts into perspective. It sounds like you have a lot of people who are there for you and care for you. Take care of yourself, stay engaged with this site and remember that life isn't always shit xx

Maybe you need a different approach? I'm not saying stop counselling, but maybe you need to see a doctor about medication?? Maybe a psychiatrist?? Maybe volunteer doing something you enjoy?? It might make you feel more fulfilled. I've had anxiety since 2003, and I recently went through about a month where I felt I had hit a bottom. So, I decided to go to the hospital. The psychiatrist there really helped me. He put me on a new med regimen, and I am seeing a mental health counsellor regularly. It has made a big difference. Maybe think about a new strategy.

I agree with the previous post. Pursuing proper medication may be the tool to level your feelings and help you to engage differently. I'd hate for you to miss out on this significant time of your life. I'm sorry for your break up and I know how that feels. I also remember how it took everything in me to (pretend) I was coping and trying not to let everyone see that I was completely done on the inside. Like you, I had loving people in my circle but they couldn't really help me. I too sought counseling. I needed some perspective on what I was doing and how I might see things outside of my own way of thinking. I was always one to process things from one perspective, which was (my own). It wasn't until we, my counselor and I took a journey way back there...into my painful youth that I began to actually see where my (wrong thinking began). Like you, the break up helped me to begin tackling real life issues and how to finally begin facing them. I hope that you continue with the counseling as if oftentimes takes a lot longer than we imagined to get to that place of healing and wholeness. It will be stagnant at times and then there will be progress and moments of enlightenment....and it will be painful as well. BUT the path toward becoming the best you, in my opinion, is not giving up but persevering (especially when we don't feel like it) and being HOPEFUL that there is a beautiful life on the other side of the current feelings being experienced.

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