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Life a puzzle


Dear All

We all are struggling to solve the puzzle of life ..

what it is , is it a sin ?? Is it best gift ,

Why it’s so boring or so complex. Why I don’t feel complete .. why something not going right with my life ..

all these questions keeps us bothering .. and more so when we are under depression and anxiety.

The point from where I see my life going .. I can say yes it’s a puzzle for those who have not yet solved it .. but for those who solved it .. it’s just a simple moment to pure love and bliss .

Problem comes how to solve it .

First to understand the real problem is not the outside ( not relation , money , job or society) its all inside .. and beauty is solutions also inside ..

so look inside .. inside yourself..

be rationale (not contemplate) ,

Understand this prayer

“ give me the power to change the things I can change, give me the courage to withstand the things which I can not change and give me the understanding to differentiate both “

Once you start understanding, mystery of life will start simplifying in front of your eyes 👀

All the best

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Well said. Thanks for sharing.


That's wonderful! Have a joy filled day!!! Love & Hugs!!!

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