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Intrusive thoughts while driving


Hey all. I used to get a lot of intrusive thoughts pertaining to crashing while driving but they’ve changed. Now it’s turned to reckless driving. I get strong urges to slam on my pedal, smash into the car in front of me, change lanes quickly without looking, run red lights, and not stop at stop signs. What really scares me is that I’ve kind of been acting on them. I’ve been slamming on my pedal and driving super fast super quickly, but stopping once I’m getting to the speed limit. I haven’t really been stopping at stop signs, just slowly turning. And the impulses are so strong. I am so close to doing it, even doing it as I said above. It scares me. What if I act on my other intrusive thoughts which are much worse? What if I hurt someone? What if I hurt myself? How do I stop recklessly driving?

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I don’t know, for me, I would just stop doing it. Just because you feel the urge doesn’t mean that you have to do it. Sometimes I drive too fast and have had those same thoughts and urges, especially when I was younger, I just choose to not act on them any longer. There’s no life-force in the car with you making you drive recklessly, you’re doing it. Just stop. You don’t have to act on your impulses...wishing you the best!! 🌷🙂🌷

Hello. I’ve struggled with intrusive thoughts, really bad ones for quite sometime. They can overwhelm a person, and really stress you out. I’ve been trying to ignore them as much as I can and let them come and go. Trying to keep these thoughts from entering our minds is a losing battle. Are you currently seeing a therapist? Or on any meds? If not , their are some good YouTube videos on intrusive thoughts. One of them is she’s really good and I believe her approach is right in track. One other thing is if you drink coffee or any caffeinated beverages you should try to eliminate them. Hope this helps. Samson

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