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Boyfriend issues


My boyfriend, who I’ve been with for 8 months and I’ve known for over 2 years is great. He’s loving, he cares, he understands my mental health problems and always tries his best to help me. It kills him that I’m in such emotional agony.

Anyway, I have such problems with attachment...we live literally less than 10 minutes by car away from each other. I see him nearly everyday. But every time I have to leave him or he has to leave me I get this knot in my throat and I feel as though I’m completely alone and am going to lose him. By lose him, I mean quite literally like something very bad may happen and also that he’ll leave me...idk

I have to work long hours this week and I’m not going to see him very much, maybe once or twice this week. And it’s killing me. Not just bc I’ll miss him but also because of that constant anxiety I feel when he’s not there...maybe that anxiety is there bc i just miss him or I fear the worst or I have trust issues, I don’t know.

Idk what I’m expecting from this post...I guess reassurance that im not “that” crazy obsessive girlfriend...

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Yeah, your probably not that crazy girlfriend. Ironically, I actually wish I could feel what your feeling. Talk about crazy huh? It's been so many years (and so many medications) since I've felt being in love. My meds have me pretty emotionally numb right now. So technically, you should be happy you're feeling what you feel. Talk about seeing the glass half full!!

had_o in reply to Unclebuck455

Ah, that’s a good perspective. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that 😔

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