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Crashed hard with recovery far in the distance...


Hi all,

I haven't reached out in a while mainly because I had a couple hard panic attacks on the daily. I went to the Dr and they prescribed me Adivan. So far I'm able to sleep through the night with a few times of getting up to drink or strangely to eat. The other night I had gotten up to eat a granola bar and found it in my bed half eaten the night before. So far on I'm on the Adivan train and hoping this will all subside soon. I even missed a week and a half of work.

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I'm glad your getting some relief...what a nightmare this disease is.... most here can't sleep, I have always had that problem....and yeah... I get the waking up with the granola bar thing... one time years ago dr. gave me Ambien...omg...that stuff should be illegal....I found the burners on one morning in the kitchen...all four.... figured I was sleep cooking on ambien...could have been bad news.

Oh lord sleep cooking would scare the crap out of me. I'm so sorry that happened to you and thankfully nothing severe happened. It is a nightmare. A waking, living, and breaking nightmare. I've never tried ambien but now I think I'll definitely steer clear. Ativan seems to be working so far and I'm able to sleep although restless. It's been consistent with sleeping save for waking up a lot during the night but I'd rather do that than the previous. Thanks so much for your reply and sharing your experience. By the way, I had another granola bar that I don't even care for but at least I put it on my side table instead of rolled around with it in bed.

Hi NoirLioness, Feel better now that you are on Ativan. work with your medication by finding other tools to relax you during the day and before bed. I use meditation and deep breathing each and every day. It helps keep me balanced. Sometimes therapy can also help along with medication. Good Luck, stay positive and feel better soon. xx

NoirLioness in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1! Thanks for your reply and sharing with me your experience and techniques. I have been giving controlled deep breathing a second chance since I am a bit of skeptic of breathing and yoga or meditation. I do find deep breathing and positive self talk in repetition seems to do some good. I am on Ativan for the time being but see my Dr in a couple of weeks. He warned of habit forming and possible adverse side effects when using it long term. He suggested maybe fluctiating the levels of my current meds which also have characteristics of helping with panic attacks. Thing it I haven't messed with my doses in so long so it could possibly help. Worse case scenario I might be on Ativan long term? I guess we'll see. Thanks for your positive words! xoxo

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