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What the hell am i doing w my life?


I'm on the end of a road, top on the mountain but i feel like jumping straight to hit a rock. I am not only mentally sick but my physical is pretty bad, like it wants me to stop. I can sum up my day waking up early and getting in the train, i usually take too much to get to my workplace . I work hard two periods nonstop and after a tired day i go to college and only get home to have some five hours of sleep or less. Today i look like a zombie, i have no reason to continue. I don't feel like a person but a working machine! I know we all have a purpose on Life but i hate the fact that im Just repeating stuff. Am i here Just to work full time and pay bills get sick and die? My body has giving me signs it is not okay, i don't know if i have a chronic desease or it's Just anxiety mixed with all my daily tentions, the only think i know is that i lost count of how many times i had to leave work in the middle of the day to go to the hospital. I don't feel productive at all and i can't Just quit. I don't know what to do anymore.

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Hi MandyBueno. What have the symptoms been that bring you to the hospital? More anxiety prone or physical? What have the hospital tests shown? You have a lot going on in your life each day which would wear anyone down. Sometimes we expect too much from ourselves and it may just be our body's way in slowing us down some.

Seeing your own doctor is always the first step. Once he gives you the all clear for any physical issues then it's up to Mandy to slow down a bit by taking respites from stress each day (no matter how small a time you can devote) Both your body and mind will thank you. xx

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