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I've been out of cbd only a day and a half and my anxiety was so high at an orientation today at PAWS rescue center. The other ppl there to volunteer were totally rude. After it was over I gave all the dogs my homemade bones which they loved so much. Then went to Wal-Mart and anxiety was just awful. Can't wait till Monday when it arrives!! After I take some cbd I calm right down. Anyhoo, I'm glad I made it thru,the orientation ok. Hugs to all and hope you all have a beautiful Sunday😄😄

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So the CBD oil makes that much of a difference? Sorry that you had a bad day but glad the oil is working for you (when you have it).

Yea it really does. Thanks Kyle☺ It was frustrating today but going to PAWS Adoption center for orientation was super pawsome!! I can't wait for the training part and then start volunteering😄 How ya doing?

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