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It's gotten so much better! It can for you too! Don't give up!

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I just wanted to reach out to offer encouragement to anyone who may need it! I have been fighting extreme depression the last year and I finally am seeing positive results from my hard work! That's the thing. It was a lot of work. A year ago I was overcome with sadness, didn't want to get out of bed and had no self esteem. My heart was broken, trust in friends destroyed and I had a narcissistic mother who manipulated me constantly. Well, I started see a quality therapist weekly, found the right medication, reconnected with my true friends, and started checking things off my bucket list. Though I still battle depression, I'm not in the valley anymore. Don't give up. (((Hugs)))

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Bingo! got the magic formula for your success....and you are also being very realistically grounded about this disease never goes away....but we can learn to live with it, and not let this disease define us. We can have a life, love, and friendships when we learn coping skills and gain understanding and acceptance that we are going to always have ups and downs, we just know now that the downs will pass.

Wonderful words of encouragement .. thanks for this as everyone is in different stages of recovery but knowing there is hope told through your personal story is very helpful. Peace..

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Congratulations on your break through, keep up the positive attitude..

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