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Empathy or advice?


It’s tough to know what approach to take with others. I often want advice only to find that I wasn’t ready for it especially minus empathy. Life is always interesting.

This personality assessment has helped me understand myself and others a bit better. It’s helped me know my triggers/weaknesses to work on as well as strengths to celebrate and share. My loved ones took it as well and it explained so many relational dynamics that helped me understand some of my frustrations better. I know not everyone will value or need it but I’m sharing it for those who might. I still have moments of anxious ruminating but it’s getting better over time. Be well 🤓❤️


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I love this! We did this at my work on one of our professional development days. My personality type is “defender.” I’m an (ISFJ-T) or

67% Introverted vs Extroverted

72% obServant vs Intuitive

90% Feeling vs Thinking

89% Judging vs Prospecting

72% Turbulent vs Assertive

Thanks for sharing! It was fun reading what it had to say about my “type” and hit the nail on the head.


Thank you for joining in and sharing your results! Most ISFJs I’ve met are incredible, practical and consistent caretakers who keep going and going. I admire those qualities.

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