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Hi, I am a wife and a mother of 4 who is severely depressed and considering ECT. I need support for my depression and my family who seems depressed too. I also care for my mom who lives with me with dementia. As a child I suffered a lot of sexual abuse. Can anybody relate?

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you will be so busy caring for everyone else that there is little if any time to care for yourself. you have such a heavy work schedule of caring and looking after everyone, when do you get the chance to clear your head?

I can relate. its not easy taking care of our parent especially with dementia. Most people don't understand how real depression is. They you can just snap out of it. But its so not true. One can really understand if they have experienced for themselves. I have been dealing with depression since about 2013. Any time you want to chat let me know, I hope i has helpful. Welcome to the group.

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I would like to chat and hopefully be able to help each other.


I can relate to you I am also a mother of 4 and I been dealing with depression and bad anxiety for 4 years now.. I was also sexual abuse when I was 16 yrs old . I grew up in alcoholic family that I still live with at the moment I moved back in when I got depression and anxiety.. I join this app support group today to see if anybody else can relate to me or so I could have support also... I go to counseling every other week and my kids keep me very busy.Theres never time to take care of myself or do something I enjoy I’m always taking care of everybody else that’s why I said I’m done taking care of everyone else I have to worry about myself and my family kids husband .. i try to do yoga if I get a chance , talk to myself positively as I can and journal,watch tv. And try to find things to help me with my anxiety .. but I am here if u need to talk I hope this makes u feel little better knowing someone else is kinda going threw the same thing .. Your post i related a lot to myself...

Yes, I would like to chat, maybe we can help each other out.


Yes that would be awesome if we can.. I need someone with kinda the same thing I been threw or going threw now.. I don’t know how to exactly chat on this I literally just joined today but I’ll look at and see how you do it .. I’m stacy by the way..

Are you still using this online chat? Are you still around?

I joined today too and I don't know how to navigate the site. Let me know if you find out how to chat. I live in NY.

Oh my friend my hear weeps for you! I can relate...I was sexually abused when I was 5 and a couple times later on. After that I suffered depression of 25 years. There is an amazing book that helped me work through and find mending. Mending the Soul by Steven Tracy. Amazing book. I would suggest working through it with a counselor or pastor cause it can get very deep. There is hope! Praying for your family and you. -Rachel

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I too was abused as a little kid, I was 4 and then abuse continued by different men until I was 17. My mother found out once and didn't do anything about it so now that I have to care for her it brings me resentment at times because she didn't care for me and protect me when I was young.

I will buy the book but I'm starting with a therapist and I'm not sure I'll be able to work on the book with her. My church is big and taking time from the pastor is not possible.

Thank you for telling me about the book, I'm looking forward to starting.

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