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So I answered somebody's question on Quora and I ended up telling them about how my father had anger issues and I told them my story. I check back today and I've got over a thousand replies all apologizing, ( which I appreciate so much) and then saying how horrible my parents are for doing that to me. My parents have always been there for me, and even if my dad does get mad sometimes, I wouldn't ever call him a quote 'pissy parent'. There are much worse parents out there, and he is one of the better ones I think. A thousand people now think horribly of him and it's my fault. My parents are amazing and I feel that I've betrayed them, especially my father, for telling them of the mental abuse. He's done more good things for me than bad and I feel like a horrible person for making so many people dislike him and call him a bad father. Even though he has anger issues he's a better person than I'll ever be. He's always been there for me, he the reason I think I haven't given up on the hope of getting better from my anxiety and depression, and I go and do this. I don't know how to handle this emotionally... I can't talk to the people I trust (my parents) and I can't stop crying and hating myself.

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Hi Emily,

Please stop crying and give yourself a break on this. You shared a story, idk what you said but You know and it seems obvious from this post what kind of father you have and how devoted he is to you and if he’s the reason you haven’t given up on the hope of getting better - I would ignore those posts from strangers who maybe don’t know the whole story.

My Dad had anger issues, not really directed at me but they affected me because I hated that he has so much anger and I couldn’t do anything about it. But he supported me and I wouldn’t call him a bad father at All!! He’s human,nobody is perfect and parents who have issues like we all do but support you and care and love you - you know this and that’s what is important and I can see that in your post.

Quora- well you shared a story and didn’t know what would happen. Please try and not feel guilty, I think you were sharing to help someone and it’s hard to text and get your real meaning thru to others, at least I find it difficult often. You didn’t post it to hurt your father but I think tried to get a point across, maybe help others. Those thousand people don’t know your true situation and feelings I think and I wouldn’t go back and re-read or read more at all, it won’t accomplish anything but make you feel more guilty. You know who your father is and that’s all that matters. Please try to see you meant no harm and did not set out to betray your father and those are strangers opinions who don’t matter. Focus on the real and good relationship you have and chalk that up to a life lesson,which I’m sure most of us here have something they’d like to undo or take back. I hope that this makes sense to you and hopefully helps you some?! Your intention was not to have people think badly of him and you just think about and appreciate him and your relationship!! If you want to talk about anything, I’d be happy to! But try to stop the guilt and crying, please- it was unintentional and you couldn’t expect how others reacted or interpreted or assumed what they did. But that’s past so focus on today and hug your dad and tell him you appreciate him,that might help you some?! I hope so and hope you can start a new,better day today! M

Thank you, this helped a lot :)

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