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Hi everyone. Thank you to all who encouraged me to get immediate help cause I was in crisis. I was hospitalized for 6 days. Had a very rough time in the hosp ER. What a nightmare! It is just awful the way people with mental health problems are treated. I arrived at ER at 2:00 pm and did not get thru all the loops I had to jump thru till 10:00 that night. Kept me waiting for one thing or another till I totally lost it and started yelling and screaming, totally out of control. By then the behavioral health unit closed down due to lack of staffing so I spent the night in a lock up area they called the Pod. Treated terrible. Spent almost 2 nights in there because I was extremely dehydrated so I needed IV fluids cause my kidneys were not working good and I couldn't go into unit. Spent almost another night in pod. I had a bad melt down and was finally ushered into unit at midnight of second night. My meds have all been cut down due to kidney function. Not sure how that's gonna go. Anyhow, feeling somewhat better but still shaky mentally but couldn't stay there any longer being locked up. Glad to be home. Thanks again to all. My husband has hidden the pills I was abusing. Won't be doing that again anytime soon. Love to all.

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I have read some of your recent posts, and I am so sorry you had to go through this nightmare. I'm glad you have the situation stabilized. Maybe a long talk with your husband would help, too.

Lyn842, nice to hear that you are home but so very sorry you were treated like that.

It sounds so archaic in this day and age. Take care of yourself. Glad you're back. xx

Going to ER such a waste of time, my Psychiatrist even said they wont do anything but get you counseling. I never go

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