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Post shingles July 6. It came on me like a train wreck. The crazy thing is I wasn’t stressed out. I’m on summer break.

Maybe the shock of no stress threw me into it. Anyway, fatigue and post nerve pain. Numbness and aching flu symptoms.

This monster started at my spine and wrapped to my sternum. Emotionally it works on me because I sleep and take rx and drag around. Oh I want to be free from this.

Shingles: a new realm of pain and agony.

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My granddad was recently diagnosed with the shingles too and it's a lot of pain for him. I am so sorry you had to go through it too. Good on you for staying so strong. Keep staying strong through this. Before you know it, the pain will be gone :). God bless xoxo.

Shingles update.....

Well it’s been well over a month. Rash and scabs are gone but it has left a trail of destruction. Numbness and pain. Scars and skin sensitivity. I know I said numbness but it’s really strange in character.

I start teaching on Wednesday and I’m sooo exhausted. Not to forget wearing under garments are difficult.

My anxiety is mounting and what is so sad is I was really doing well in that department.

My class is ready but the teacher is not.

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