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Hi guys,

I joined up because since May, i have been suffering from very high levels of anxiety. I believe it is from past issues that I have suppressed but am just having to finally face it and deal with it now. I just wanted to ask and see if anyone here has any tips on dealing with high levels of anxiety while working in customer facing roles.

Always love when a community bands together to help support each other so looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better.

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I think the best place to start is with your diet. These are the easiest things to get in line. There is so much information on what we consume causing most of these issues. I don’t drink caffeine, I eliminated sugars, even most fruits and carbs are gone also. If it has more than 3 ingredients I don’t eat it and it has been really helpful. Exercise is a must. Give it a try for two weeks and watch the anxiety lesson.


I just joined up yesterday bcause of anxiety from a marriage of 40 years. He was a alcoholic, narcissus individual.

I divorced him a year ago when I turned 70.

His verbal and emotional abuse has caused me to have PTSD. I am doing everything possible and have been for a year to get out of this mental prison.

Thought this website mite help. Have never done this b4.

yes agree on eating a clean diet and get enough sleep. Some acupressure points may help and can be done without people noticing.

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