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Need help

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Hi all,

I'm completely falling apart. I went through many years of emotional and sexual abuse and although I'm married now with kids and am in my 30's I'm still suffering every single day as a result. I have anxiety depression and PTSD. I have triggers and flashbacks every single day. I'm in therapy and on meds and trying my best. I'm fighting every day and it's really tough....

However, my younger brother who's in is 20's has cancer a few months ago. They got it out with an insane surgery and very heavy treatments. He was in crazy crazy pain and almost didn't make it through.

He finally got clear scans a few weeks ago and we all breathed a sigh of relief however just yesterday, his cancer came back full force. He has many tumors and the doctors said there's nothing to do about it.

I don't feel like I have the strength for this challenge. I barely had strength before this and now I'm just totally out of strength...

I need hugs and support. I'm simply falling apart

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Oh, sweetie! (I hope it is ok to call you that. The mom in me just wants to give you a big hug.). You are not falling apart, you have too much going on. Anyone in your situation would be overwhelmed. I don't understand how some people get dealt so much. You are reaching out and saying how you feel. You are not isolating. You are still here. You are stronger than you realize. Lean on us. Lean on others in your life (I hope you have some people.)

I am so sorry about your brother. Cancer is horrific. I hope the doctors can help make him comfortable so he is not suffering too much.

I don't know what your spiritual belief is, but I will be praying for some peace and bit of light through all of this.

You are in a very difficult situation on top of your mental health and that can overwhelm even the strongest people. You have my complete sympathy but please know that this is life and there will be good days it’s not all black or white. I pray for your brother and I wish the best outcome for him it is absolutely horrendous especially that he is so young but there is a plan for each one of us. Try to do something for yourself each day even for 5 minutes whether meditation, reading, exercise or even writing to us on here. You are not alone.

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