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I think my anxiety attack i had yesterday may have ruined one of the best relationships I've had. When I don't get enough sleep on top of stress at work and PMS my anxiety is in overdrive. Me and my guy hung out last night and he said he would text me once he got to his friends house but got caught up and only texted once and i think he fell asleep, so of course what does my anxiety brain do? Flip out and call and text him, he knows about my anxiety and is very supportive but I'm worried when he sees all the texts he will dump me. How do I fix this? He's still asleep right now since he is off work today so I'm basically at work sitting at my desk about to throw up and can't breathe but have to act normal. I took two clonnies but they haven't helped at all.

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you can't do anything about the texts, but you could send him a text saying you were having a bad anxiety attack and took it out on him and now know that, so just disregard all those texts, apologize and talk to friend in person about your anxiety. Are you seeing a therapist.

I know you're pain, the main rule I tell others who write about this kind of situation is Please do NOT talk about your anxiety. You will lose All your relationships. Even my kids who live with me have chosen to isolate me as a way to deal with me. I get No calls from anyone. I'm alone all the time. Try and pretend everything is good even if it's Not. So that's my advice to you

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