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A very long weekend


Things just got to a breaking point for me, so after talking to my doctor, speaking to a counsellor, (at his suggestion), and then seeing a walk in clinic doctor, it was recommended that I go to the hospital. I met with the ER psychiatrist, and he came up with a plan that will hopefully get me back where I need to be. Some meds have been changed, and a new one added, so we will see how this goes. Still dealing with nervousness and apprehension, but will still be in touch with my doctor and the counsellor for the next while. I guess the worry of it all happening again is the main thing I need help with now....

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Good that you are open to the changes and with a plan it sounds hopeful.

What are you afraid of happening again? The breaking point as you said? What do you think got you to that point? What can you put in place that will help you cope better? For me I needed to find a med that worked and exercise is now a very important part of my life because it keeps my stress, negativity and anxiety down. Maybe you would like to meditate which I find helpful sometimes or st least deep breathing. I like writing. What do you enjoy? You could collect tools that work for you so you have something to go to when things start to get overwhelming. Best to you!

I had started using CBD oils - I had hoped it would be a natural way to help my anxiety - but from talking to doctors and the ER doctor, they said it may be the problem right now - I may be experiencing adverse reactions - so I'm going to stop that for now. My breaking point was that I had such negative thoughts going through my mind that I could no longer push them away. That's why I went to the hospital. It was getting to be way too much, and I knew I needed help. I'm going with the new meds for now, and I'm really going to try and get back into things I enjoy - reading, audio books, being outside, seeing friends, and starting to volunteer again in September. ( the theatre I volunteer at is being renovated right now, so they won't open until then) I'm also keeping in touch with my doctors - sometimes I do need a professional to voice certain concerns to, because they have heard them before, and know how to handle them.

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Sounds good as do you! I think you’re doing great! 🌷🙂🌷

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