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So, so tired


I’ve travelled home from holiday today. I have IBS, which makes my GAD so much worse. I’m so exhausted and should go to bed, but I’m too afraid to fall asleep. I’ve started having terrible nightmares and flashbacks from when I was a child and caught short for the loo, and my parents wouldn’t help me. I keep waking in a panic, gasping for breath. I can’t remember the last time I woke up without my heart pounding and the tell-tale stomach pains. And my husband has just told me he has to go away this week on business. I could sob and cry forever today. So fed up with this. Life has to be better than this. 😞

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am sure is totally hard since he will be working


Be aware, the panic and shortness of breath could come from stopping breathing when you're asleep. We still haven't quite placed the chicken and the egg in my case because of course I have nasty dreams when I wake up short of breath or with my heart pounding. In addition, acid reflux can get bad at night and cause throat dryness and swelling that can lead to stopping breathing that can make the reflux worse...well you get the point. If you aren't, you might try some sleep hygiene for reflux and apnea (even taking some antacids before bed can help) and see if it helps any. If you can't breath, or if you're in pain, your brain is likely to send you messages. Unfortunately for most of us, it has plenty of nasty memorialized horror stories to use to wake us up. I hope it gets better for you. I still don't like going to bed, but I do better most nights now. Best to you.

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