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Say No More Often!

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Saying no is better than bailing on plans. Socially, I say yes too much and plan for events/hang outs that I know I will be too depressed, anxious, tired, or broke to fulfill. I feel bad bailing but I do it anyway, I just did it last night to a friend I haven't seen in months :( On the bright side, I said no when work called me today and asked me to come in (I already had plans and this is my day off). I also made the choice last night to not go out because I was tired and spent some time with my family. That was nice because I usually don't put my body/ feelings first when making choices, so I was proud that I consciously decided to be more comfortable and not go out. Ups and downs, but I'm getting there! I just want to say no to everyone now lmao

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I’m so much as you are. So sorry to hear about it all Alice. I hope that this awareness will bring you a change. Good luck!

Being honest with yourself and then being honest with others is a way to make life simpler and better.

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