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Better times


I have mentioned, on this site, the concept of perception becoming reality, it seems to be working.

I have trained myself to find a good perspective of the things in my life, the opposite of how I was before. This positive attitude has been paying off. When I perceive that I can do things and that the results will be good, things tend to happen.

I am not happy about everything in my life, but I am happy about a lot of things. I go by the mantra “Right now everything in my world is exactly as it is meant to be”, and the outcomes of my efforts have been paying off.

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I like your mantra gerg. Keep doing it :) xx

Good for you. Wish I could get there! :)

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Keep trying and you will. Just make sure that you know that you are there when you get there.

I thank you for that great statement, I too am reaping the rewards of my efforts. No matter the situation, I've got too keep showing up!!

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