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6 and a half months clean(not SH)


Well today is roughly six and a half months since i last picked up a blade and last cut, its not been easy and the urges always come back but i have resisted the urge each time.

Its been great due to the scars all being healed and somewhat light enough so that people cant notice them.unless they are really reqlly close to me.

I have to say i have been feeling pretty good these last couple of months, its been the same amount of time since ive felt that dark cloud over me.

I also went away to krakow and first time going on a plane was also interesting, i have now started back on my diet and training in the gym again.

I am feeling pretty motivated more then i have felt in a long time, last time i felt this motivated was when i last lost weight and was training.

Despite having a bit of discomfort from a broken wisdom tooth that the dentist broke about 2 months ago and now having to wait 26 plus weeks for the hospital to take it out, things are not to bad.

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That's brilliant mate.. 😁

Onward and upwards now!

congrats CJ.....I'm very happy for you.....and your a good example to many here who suffer and struggle with these urges to self harm, that there is hope, and you can manage stress in your life, and live your life....


Wow I'm so happy for you!!! Clap, clap, clap...now take your bow! Huge Congratulations!!!! Love & hugs!!! XXX

Happy for you 😃

Thanks guys, and yeah its not easy and the urges never go away, but its just a matter of finding something to keep your mind busy when those urges appear even if it means sleeping for an hr or so.

Hopefully i can stay on the up .

H CJ I was wondering where you were and how you are. I am so pleased that you seem to be on the mend and enjoying life again. That's such good news and you have really made my day.

Onwards and upwards :) xx

CJ2016 in reply to hypercat54

Hey hyper, after my trip to Poland i have just been chilling out trying to take more breaks from being online as much as i use to be.

And things are going ok i cant complain hope all is good with you, take care xx

CJ, I'm so happy for you! You should be very proud of your progress. Just as you are motivated, this message of strength and hope will motivate others who are in the place you once were. Thank you for sharing.

Love and light to you ❤

CJ2016 in reply to Robinrenae

Thanks and i just take each day a step at a time. 👍🏻

Robinrenae in reply to CJ2016

That's all we can really do 😊

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