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Life totally took me by surprise today


Amidst our struggles, life can take us by surprise in a good and unexpected way...

A bit of history: Years ago back in the early 90s I worked for a corporation as a computer programmer. I was miserable with my job. I mean I was nice and had a good attitude with my coworkers... but sitting in front of a computer screen all day wasn’t for me. However, the great pay kept me there. ... At work there was this “click” amongst my coworkers. I was never part of the office click whatsoever and never cared for them nor felt liked by them.

Fast forward 25 years... this morning I’m out and about running errands. This man approaches me with a huge smile on his face and says, “Michael Zephyr! Do you remember me?” I had no idea who he was. Then he told me that he was one of my coworkers from the company back in the 90s. He was very excited to run into me and told me how glad he was to see me after all these years. So we chatted for a while and got caught up. Afterwards he asked if we can keep in touch and we texted each other our phone numbers.

Here’s the surprise... he was one of the “click” members at work but always liked me. I had absolutely no idea whatsoever. I always thought the “click” wanted nothing to do with me.

After all these years he still works with the same people and he’s going to let them know he ran into me. He told me they’ll all be excited about hearing about me.

So here I am 25 years later completely taken by pleasant surprise. It just goes to show, sometimes when we feel disliked by others, it’s our own self dislike at play. Anyway, running into my previous coworker truly made my day.

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I love that story....and it does let us know how we can perceive things differently than they actually are sometimes. A lot of people here share about feeling isolated and left out of the loop so to speak at work, when in may just simply be they didn't know how to talk to them maybe.

MrZee in reply to fauxartist

Exactly. Thank you for your understood response.

I love your story and it's obvious also from your posts that you have lovely positivity about you, and you come across as very open and likeable as a person. Thanks for this :)

MrZee in reply to Stilltrying_

Thank you Stilltrying_. Your compliment made my day. I truly do have my Social Anxiety struggles. But one thing I’m grateful for was inheriting my mother’s kindness to others.

Those of us here are going through a lot of strife. But I do believe also sharing the positive is healing for all of us.



great story! I worked as a computer programmer for 19 years:)

I did like it mostly, it is such a pleasure to resolve a difficult issue and find a solution. Joy.

But it is not the point of your story, i understand. Yes, we deal very often with our perception but not reality. it is a good experience for you i would think to find out that people liked you and remember you. Not what you thought about them.

thank you for your story!

MrZee in reply to morenews

My pleasure...

Computer programming is a career I “fell into” in the latter 70s (long story). During my 25 years of programming I didn’t know I have ADHD. Sitting steal and staying focused has always been an issue for me. After my second job layoff I was diagnosed in 2011. The term is actually called “non linear thinkers.” Thus I’m one of those. The brain is wired differently and grows bored quickly and constantly needs different stimulus. That’s why I was miserable as a programmer. Focus and sitting still was torture.

The good news is for years I became a teacher and taught MS Office. That was great because I got to move around and help many new learners.

Non linear thinkers with ADHD are actually quite intelligent. We do our best thinking while in movement.

Now I work odd jobs where I’m in movement and I feel much more productive.

Thank you for your good words.




Anyone ever mention your picture looks like Super Mario? It’s uncanny.

MrZee in reply to Hidden

If I knew what Super Mario looked like... I have no idea.

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