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Bad Day, In A Series Of Bad Days, ALSO WELLBUTRIN SUCKS

So, since I last posted on these boards, a lot has changed. I moved in with my mother about a month ago, I see my psychiatrist occasionally, and I'm doing CBT with my amazing therapist to help with the depression, anxiety, and OCD. So I keep taking all these steps and it seems like I should be making progress. But I'm not. At my last appointment, my Dr. said we could try Wellbutrin and then if that didn't work we'd move on to ECT or TMS.

And the Wellbutrin has been AWFUL. Been on 300 mg for maybe 4 days, woke up this morning to huge clusters of hives on my thighs, my arms, my neck and face, even ON my ears. Dr. told me to immediately stop, which I did, but this whole day has been a wreck. I'm getting muscle pains and cramps, it's breaking me out, and the tremors in my hands are so bad I can barely type out this post; to an outsider, it would look like I have Parkinson's. Have any of you experienced any of these side effects?

The next few days are gonna be a shitstorm, I can really feel the physical toll this medication is taking. It's the same old song that we all know to sing when a medication doesn't work: Well, maybe the next one will help. That one will be the one I've been looking for. And then in two minutes, your back to where you started.

This just feels like another failed medication, and searching for the write one or ones seems pointless. I don't know whats coming for me next if it's different meds, a combo of different meds, or just moving straight into the ECT. I'm just so ready. Ready to be a normal, functioning adult. I'd really love to hear your stories with Wellbutrin, and especially your stories about ECT or TMS.

Thanks for being here.

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Hi Lauren I'm sorry how you're feeling!!😖💞I do remember trying Wellbutrin in past and it did not agree w/ me I beleive I got kind of a tremor from it especially in my jaw it would shake and rattle?? I know weird I'm not sure if it was like a small/tiny type of seizure even?? I just told my dr and yea I stopped taking it!! and think I tried 1 other after and it wasn't right for me either so I get that it's super frustrating!! I don't have much to say on the ECT or TMS thing you mentioned?? Not sure what those are can you explain more about those??thnx for posting💞☺️🌸


Thanks! So ECT is electroconvulsive therapy. A doctor puts you under anesthesia and they put these little pads on a specific area of your forehead. It's basically like having a small, controlled seizure for like, a minute, then it's over! But you do have to have someone that can drive you home afterward because you'll be super groggy, and might even have some short-term memory loss of the days you went in to get ECT. I don't know much about TMS, all I know is that it has to do with magnets.


ok thanks for info.! ☺️Id love to learn more about the tms thing?? magnets sound interesting?Anyone else out there hav more info on these??


Hi Lauren I have been on Wellbutrin for ages and I find it suits me with very little side effects: All Meds have some side effects so you have to persevere at first; it does make me feel a bit hot at times ; kind of like. Hot flush but other than that it’s good for me:

I remember one Med gave me hives in the past but the settled down and stopped but you have to do what’s right for you;

Hope you get something that suits you:


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I'm sorry your having so much difficulty. I did not have a bad experience with Wellbutrin other than it made it harder for me to sleep. I already had a hard time with sleeping.


Hello Lauren!

I’m so sorry that you’ve had an allergic reaction to Wellbutrin...that is not fun at all. Try not to be too discouraged. For me, taking action to change my thoughts and reactions are key to remission of this dreaded disease called depression! If you’re interested in hearing what that action entails, just message me and I would be happy to share. They’re simple in origin, but take practice to help. They’re things I’m sure you’ve heard before, but feel free to message me! I’m already long-winded as it is!! 😜


Hi Lauren. I’ve undergone TMS 3 times. The first time was in 2013 and was successful but, unfortunately I relapsed and tried TMS again in 2016. These were both with Neurostar TMS. The 2nd treatment wasn’t anywhere as successful as the 1st. Skip forward to this year and I got approved by my insurance to do Brainsway TMS which is a deeper penetrating stimulation. I was looking forward to doing it and thought it would get me back to where I was in 2013. Once again I was let down by the results. The brain fog didn’t lift and I’ve become more frustrated. I’m actually taking Wellbutrin right now and I’m trying to stick with it but I believe I have treatment resistant depression and I’ve tried over 10 antidepressants and I don’t feel any of them have worked. If u want to try TMS and want insurance to cover it you would have to have taken at least 2 antidepressants with no success. I’m most likely going to try ECT next. I would definitely recommend trying TMS before ECT b/c there are minimal side effects with TMS. Good luck to you and if you have any ?’s about TMS please message me...😃


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