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New day, new possibilities


Good Morning, Yesterday I was in bad state of mind and this morning thanks to some really good advice on here, I feel so much better. It took some self help and awareness as well. But, today I’m up and ready to face the world. Take you life back tell depression and Anxiety they don’t pay rent and can’t live here anymore! Deep breaths, ask yourself with every issue is it really as bad as it seems and what can you do or not do if its problem related? If you can’t do anything about it again deep breaths and faith that this issue will pass.

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This is great to hear !

You’ve done very well to be able to do that 😊

Admirable! You've got "it".... whatever " it" is,but you have come through the tunnel and can see so much light ahead of you. Baby steps,no need to rush because if you can keep your positive head on,then you are making great,no,huge progress!!! Well done!!! It takes an awful lot of deep soul searching and acceptance of the past but being open to the possibilities you now have ahead of you.

You've done SO well and you have my praise...(for what that's worth!).

Keep it up and tell us how you are getting on etc when you are able.

Best wishes.

Thank you I’ve very proud of myself and hope my sharing helps someone else

Really good advise.


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