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I have gone through thousands of ups and downs, and continue to go through those ups and downs everyday. I wish there would be a way to instantly get rid of these ups and downs, maybe one day, but not now. Anyways, my point in writing this was to let others know that I probably have been through most of everything. I'm here if anybody needs someone to talk to. I would love to get to know others, and see what they offer to the world.

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Sounds like my world. Life can be unfair awful and beautiful at the same time. I believe we were all truly meant to help one another. Try to focus on positive not negative. Don’t let negativity and sadness drowned you. You are special and offer a gift to the world. We all can teach eachother a lesson. Feel blue today to for no reason. Just numb to world.😢

I'm sorry for the way that you are feeling. It's not fair to feel that way for no particular reason at all. I love what you just said, "life can be unfair awful, and beautiful at the same time". That is just beautiful!

That is so sweet of you to offer your ears and support to others. I don't know how to talk privately on this website on through regularly messages. However, I feel so alone and hurt with my life. I never remember a time that I was so low it made me physically sick. I love to help others and being around my friends during any need or crisis. They do know the depths of my depression or if they really care. I don't know how to get myself out of this dark place. I have or see no hope. I'm scared

Just a quickie, you can have a "private message"/with another member by using the caption shapes next to the bell at the top. (mind you I'm using a mobile phone) but these PM's,as they're called,are private between two people.

Best wishes.

I'm so sorry to hear how you are feeling, but let me tell you that I have felt that way as well. I have felt literally sick because of the way I was feeling. You are not alone, know that.

Everything will be ok. You have to remember emotions are fleeting. The best thing to do is start with mental/ physical health. First Go to bed at a decent time 9:30-10:00pm. Then get up in the morning. By 9:30 at the very latest. Make sure you eat within first hour of waking. If you don’t your insulin will drop feel fatigue whole day. Enjoy the weather. Walks can help. Take a walk and get your endorphins following. After breakfast to get you motivated even if short 15-20 minutes to start. Find hobbies that you enjoy writing/journal, paintings, drawing any crafts. Hope these help. Little exercise walks will help mood. Try to get protein, fruits, veggies . Sugars make tired. Also might have defiant to vitamin D. You can get a complete blood panel at doctors to make sure hormones and levels are sufficient. Low vitamin D can cause depression. It is truly about perspective you don’t need much i life just a continuous posting attitude. Trying talking in the mirror positive affirmations. May seem funny but can help. Curb negative and change thoughts to positive. This is your life embrace it. I know is hard but simple changes of mind set and healthy lifestyle can help a great deal. Talk to a therapist they can help coping. You are important and never give up. Friends may not understand but thats what support groups are for. If you need meds then thats for you and doc to decide. I choose natural route but when gets bad enough get help from doctor myself. Good day to you. Maybe support groups in person can go to. Surround yourself with people that are positive in your life.

💕 ((((((((Hug))))))) 💕



Had a quick look at your previous post and though you feel "unfix-able", there are remedies. Firstly, there is no quick fix.

Serious Depression kicked in for me about 10 years ago. The following 3 years I spent ruining my marriage and seeing my wife and 1 year old son move out. It took another 2 years to get to a point where I could manage my condition. I've managed for the last 5 years but it's important to remember that Depression and Anxiety cant really be cured - it can only be managed.

It's going to take effort and patience if you want to succeed.

Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

It sounds as though you have been fighting this battle for quite some time now. I have only been dealing with depression for the last 8 months, but now it seems a lot longer than that. I have struggled greatly, with everyday battles that used to be a routine for me. Depression has changed my life completely. I have had loads of ups and downs, and continue to struggle with that daily. I am okay as for now. I have been feeling better, and slowly making progress on what I've been doing.

Glad to hear you are ok - just remember that you need to work on it everyday.

What kind of remedies are you using?

Honestly, I have used so many it's hard to keep track. The biggest one for me was time and just letting everything slowly take it's toll on me. As much as I wanted to be better the next day, it just didn't work like that. Everything took time for me.

let me know if there is anything I can help with..take care

Thank you, same goes for you!

Hi EPL, this is new to me too. Seems to have snuck up without warning a few months ago. How’s it going for you?

That's how it happened to me. It snuck on me, I wasn't expecting this at all. Right now, I am okay. Trying to deal with things day by day... How are you doing?

Same, trying to do things day by day. Some days are better than others. I wish I knew what made the good days and what made the bad days. Do you have a clue?

Sometimes life stress over a period if time can cause depression in some.Also as we age our hormones change. Medications can also help in one aspect and interfere in others. I have always been very outgoing and happy. Years of stress because of fiancé muscular dystrophy made me have severe anxiety. So I went on anxiety meds. That made me really Groggy. I came off meds when I could deal with fiancés death. The adverse effects of medicine has changed my chemical serotonin in brain. Which now level isn’t right have depression. Talked to doctor they said can happen. Be careful when comes to antipsychotic they are very strong and have most side effects. Verses even pain meds. I Now take no meds. Only vitamins but still have depression side effect from med and other side effects.Beware of Lexapro.

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