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What do I do???


How do you deal with your depression problems and your significant others depression? Recently my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years has hit a really rough patch out of nowhere... well he’s actually struggled with depression about 8 years ago and recently just came back. It’s been so hard and stressful to keep my sanity due to my problems and now his. I feel like I’m drowning in stress. Idk what to do

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I am sorry, and I know this might not be relevant anymore but after 30 years of living within a marrieage where both of us have some struggle- it might help to know that there is hope. Part of it was that early on 1 of us had to grow up -step up and hence forth committ to making the marriage work- we already had kids and it was easy to see the mama bear had to - it was not easy to get help, but it can be done- it was not easy to admit my own stuff with a capital S and do what I had to including counselling with or without him(without as it turned out), etc- it was hard, now the kids are grown and doing great- we get a lot more out of our marriage now and both of us have put the effort in, I am lucky it could have been different but it is worth the trying. Hope that helps. Many Blessings

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