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I always think that I’m dying like I can’t workout because I’m afraid that I’ll have a heart attack at any moment I’m so over this i want to be normal again

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Hi deeaire, it's a common worry for the anxious person. We somehow want to pamper our hearts thinking they are very fragile. It's quite the opposite. Our hearts are a muscle and muscles were made to be used. Exercise is the best way to keep our hearts healthy and strong as well as allowing the blood to circulate.

I use to feel the same way until I started water aerobics. Exercising in water is easier than doing it on land and yet you get a good workout pushing against the water. My suggestion is to start slowly in whatever exercise you choose. Stretch before working out. Take in a deep breath as you wave your arms above your head, as you exhale bring your arms down to your sides. Repeat several times. This will put oxygen into your lungs and prepare you for moving.

Once you start to feel the effects of exercising both physically and mentally, you will naturally want to increase your pace. Your endorphin levels will rise giving you a natural high that can't even start to compare to a pill. One step at a time deeaire. You can do this. You will be okay. You will be safe. You'll be a happier person for it. Don't forget as you are exercising to breathe, never hold your breath while working out and last but not

least :) Hydrate when you're done. Water needs to be replaced. xx

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Thank you so much

🌞🦋🌸your so good agora😊 xx

You're very kind Alan but I watch your responses as well :)

Remember it takes a team effort for us to survive.

One thing I wish Alan, that I could make all those little squiggly

things you end your comment with. I would assume you are on a

smart phone and not a computer. :) Take it easy

Your amazing and I love this forum it’s my lifeline,some beautiful souls on here and good when people reach out and join us 😊🎶🎧🌸🍀🎶🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️It’s an I pad tablet,I’m usually listening to 🎧 music hence all the emojis 🦋xx enjoy your evening.😊💕

Enjoy your evening as well Alan....Those are so cool, they make me happy :)

😊💃🕺I’m sure they anoy some people but you can’t please all the people all the time 🎶🎵xx🌞


If you have time to debate wether you are having a heart attack then chances are you aren’t having one. A serious heart attack would kill you instantly. Usually they are without warning. Start out with light exercise. Go for a walk. If you aren’t exercising regularly you have to start out slow so you don’t pull a muscle.

Good that you want to be over this- why not start with some walks outside in nature? Enjoy yourself.

That's how I feel. But I still work out. I tell myself if it was one it would kill me right away. So I just work out and thank God i made it thru without pulling a muscle. Lol.

Hi ,friend we’ve all got costochondritis imflamation of the chest cartilage too much stress ,need to relax🧘🏻‍♂️🧘‍♀️And heal 🌞🦋

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