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I pray that I am able to not only quiet my mind but also quiet my mind while sleeping. Sleep is my favorite time to just be still and everything is at rest, but since all of this a/d started back up my thoughts race and my dreams race. I dreamt that I was meeting a friend this guy whom I never really got s chance to meet because I kept coming in contact with everyone else! Like going on dates with all of these other people and I had left my phone in the car so I wasn't able to communicate with him everything that was happening..I really like this guy too so I don't want this dream to deter me from meeting him. Maybe I'm just anxious to meet him so I dreamt about every other guy and even my ex husband sitting in church with his mom which is something that'll never happen..ugh..

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Hi Ispencer,

I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with dreams and racing thoughts. When my depression is bad all I want to do is sleep to escape how awful I feel and when my anxiety is bad, I can’t sleep at all because my thoughts keep me awake. I keep thinking there has to be a happy medium somewhere! When my thoughts are racing, mindfulness meditation seems to really help me. The only problem is I never want to do it (it seems like it’s too hard in those moments to slow everything down), but I’m always glad I did. There’s also an app by Andrew Johnson called “Deep Relaxation” that really helps me sleep. I hope you have a better night tonight!

Aww thankyou for the advice. Last night I did yoga ,danced, took a bath, and did a devotional. I still dreamed but it wasn't as severe and yes it woke me up at 2am but I don't feel all stressed out .

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