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Lonely tonight

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Had court this week over my ex that is charged with assault- that was the hardest thing ever and it’s been such a bad few months- I feel like my life has changed so much I don’t even know who I am anymore - people I thought cared about me have left me and this guy I was so in love with obviously it’s not who I thought he was - I look at the world so differently now. Nothing makes me happy like it once did- I don’t enjoy the little things anymore - I wonder if I will ever feel safe to love anyone again and be happy

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Great evening

I’m so sorry to hear everything your going through. It is very sad and challenging but look in the mirror. That’s the first person that you need to care for. I got hurt almost 5 years ago as a volunteer firefighter, fell half way in to a storm drain and got permanent nerve damage in my lower back. I was very active till I got hurt and now I walk with a cane and feel terrible and in pain all the time. I struggle everyday but I look in the mirror and my happiness has to come from inside first. I am dieting Going to the gym and working on a easier career.

May this only be a bump in the road and may things only get better

I’m so sorry. Having dealt with an abusive ex in the past I can relate to the hurt, the betrayal and feeling like nobody cares. I thought I would never get over it or him but I did! And though life isn’t peachy now knowing I survived to tell my story gives me just a tad bit of hope! You’ll find your strength again it just takes time. Don’t rush the process, but try not to dwell in the darkness either.

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