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Hey everyone, thank you to those that commented and made me feel that I am not alone. It really helped. I’m feeling less suicidal, but still a little bit suicidal. I haven’t cut myself in over 2 years, but I want to so badly. Just to do something that isn’t permanent like death. Has anyone else ever called a hotline and just not said anything because they’re too nervous? Every time I call I freeze and it sucks because I really wanna talk to someone but I can’t get words to come out.

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Hi, Crimsonpearl they have a text line you can text this number 741741, i feel like i text better than calling on the phone because i freeze up too!! if you ever need anyone to talk to you can message me :)

Hi Crimsonpearl, what a beautiful name, so descriptive. Sometimes we can't get out in words what we can write. Write down what you want to say first, then if you freeze you can look to that. It sorts out our emotions sometimes and calms us. Even if we throw it away, it has put out what is in our mind and heart. I'm so sorry you are hurting? What has brought you to that point? What or who hurt you? Start with that and see that you are worth more and set yourself free from that, separating your own soul from them. Sometimes we freeze because of fear, when actually in our mind if we walk thru that event and complete it with us walking away from it and healthy it stops the freeze and we can go on. Fear is disabling and hope is restoring. Look to your hope, where is your hope? Surround yourself with pure, unconditional love and speak positive truths to yourself to correct negative things you were told or tell yourself. Put on music or videos that are encouraging and uplifting to remember your hope. It is sometimes good and healing to cry, don't avoid things that are hard but healing. I am lifting you up to the one who made you and loves you and know there will be a day you are helping others thru the valley you are temporarily in now. <3

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