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Good day


I am so grateful for today.

I felt at ease, my heart was light and everything was okay and okay is so perfect for me.

Today I realized that my life is taking a different direction from what I wanted and i am fine with that. I realized I can’t control everything.

Depression hit me like a wrecking ball (singing Miley Cyrus song) but depression has also gave me an opportunity to connect with other people in ways that I could never imagine. It made me feel closer to the human race lol if that makes . sense

Well that’s my journaling for today lol

Be kind to yourself in your process.

Goodnight everyone.


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Hello, RaqXo! I am so glad you have turned lemons into lemonade! Personal Growth does not generally come easily! Usually we must endure great hardship first.

You know what they say! "Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans." And wow that is so true! My life most certainly turned out entirely different than how I ever thought it would! I was able to escape a very destructive and dangerous cult (under heavy harassment at age 18) I honestly thought I'd be bound in it forever! I also never thought that there would be a day when I could watch tv and cartoons, wear pants or shorts, wear makeup and jewelry or paint my nails. (I'm a girly-girl, obviously!) I never thought I'd be allowed to have the freedom to be believe what I wanted and to just be myself. It was oppressive. I think that those things, along with having my 1st (and only!) child at 19-were the two things that have shocked me the most about life.

I never saw those coming! But, I am so glad they did! And just as you are making the very best of your situation, I am also actually grateful for the negative experiences as well, because they have helped me grow a lot. They have taught me what is really important in life.

So keep sharing the good news with us!- We need some more of that, here, too! I am so grateful for you and the others that share the moments where you are able to rise above your circumstances!

; )

Glad you are posting! I agree with you that life does not always turn out how we expect, and like you, I am understanding and accepting I cannot control situations nor others. That acceptance makes life easier. Glad you are experiencing that same peace. Also, journaling is good! Hope to hear from you again soon. Blessings and prayers to you today!


Thank you for sharing this. It was good to read. Made me think of the opportunities depression has given to me....yeh they really are some !

Thanks 🌺🌼🌺🌼😊

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