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wanting to give up but not sure how

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I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for 4 years now. Ever since my parents got divorced it has been hell for my mental health. I later on got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and derealization as well. I am tired of fighting these emotions and fighting myself everyday. It only seems to get harder. Yes I have days where I feel happy and content but other days are so so bad. Lately they have all been bad and it sucks. I am only 17 so I know I have a long life ahead of me but sometimes I just don’t see any hope or a light at the end of this tunnel. My life is very boring and sad. My parents understand to a point but they also get tired of it a lot. I’m also secretly dealing with bulimia right now. Any tips or thoughts ? Anything could help xx

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Hi blue, it's really tough dealing with your parents divorce and I'm not surprised it had had an impact on your mental health. You are still young and your brain is still growing and developing. Your not only dealing with this but being a teenager is a difficult time anyway. I had a friend who experienced bulemia many years ago. He was referred to a specialist who helped him work through the reasons for his behaviour and helped him with through to recovery. He is now a mental health nurse and doing well. A therapist might not only help with this but also help get you to a place you can start to enjoy your life again. I'm sure your parents above all want you to be happy. I wish luck and happiness

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Thank you so much 💞

hey blue...it's hard at your age to be taken seriously by adults sometimes...but I am glad your here sharing, that helps to know there are people out there who understand. Hang in there, and are you in counselling at all? That can really help too.

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I see a therapist 2 times a week since my depression is so severe. It dosent help that much though. Thank you for you’re kind words 💞

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You may need a different therapist blue....I had to try a couple different ones over the years who understood 'me'....enough for me to trust them. I have abandonment issues etc., and some therapists go off on some tangents I just am not interested in. I needed help to understand why I felt the way I did. Can you ask for a different therapist and just see who would be more in tune with someone your age and with your issues....they work for you honey....it doesn't matter what anyone else says....this is for your benefit...and if it's not helping you....then change to someone who can help you. And keep sharing here too as another outlet....glad your here.

Hello blue, you've lived through a sad time, with your parents divorcing. Diagnosis is one thing but, I would say you need to continue therapy, to help you through. One thing I do know and that's that nothing lasts forever. Everything changes, both good things and bad. Try to do something you really enjoy, art work or reading a gripping Novel, helps me. Just to take your mind off things for a little while. 😊🌻✌️

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it 💞

Hello blue1764! That must be so hard to deal with, your parents' divorce, you being so young, and your sense of stability and whole world falling apart!

Please do not give up! You have a future husband and maybe future children and future pets and a bright future! You can find stability again! You can feel better again! You are so very special!

Would you do me a favor and read my article "When You Are Suicidal And Feel All Alone" on my Profile? I want to help and I've written this article for people like you. I hope it helps, dear.

And also if you would like to message me anytime ; ) I am here.

See my Profile picture? It is a model photo shoot. I was 19 and also was just newly pregnant with my 1st and only child. I am now 32 and she is about to be 13. I have a wonderful! (2nd husband and a wonderful kitty!)

I have also been a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in Hollywood! (I am a SoCal Native.)

I have also published two books, one is New Age Non-fiction and the Other is about a Princess who lives in a Chocolate Castle, which I dedicated to my daughter.

Now, I would not advise you to have a baby as young as I did, it was very hard and I wound up divorced (my choice) and being a single mother. It was so, so hard. I am not here to tell my story but most of my dreams have come true but I have also endured extreme hardship.

My dear, you can go on and become not just a model but a supermodel, write a Best Seller, get booked at shows, be a singer, dancer, actress or whatever you want to be! You could well surpass me and do way better than I did. You have age on your side!

Please do not throw yourself or your dreams away! Things may look dark and seem hopeless, but they are not in reality. There is hope and help! Life is worth fighting for!

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Thank you so much . Means a lot 💞

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Diviny123, I so enjoyed reading your response. You do look like Marilyn :) xx

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Thanks Agora1! That really means a lot to me....you know she struggled with all of this stuff too....

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I didn't know that Diviny... Life isn't always what it seems to be.

Hang in there, I promise things will get better..please don't try to hurt yourself remember this quote "The rain doesn't last forever soon the sun will shine"

Hold your head up high. You are in control. Nothing and no one controls you but yourself. I am here for you if you need to talk.

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