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i dont know

at first, i thought i was just introverted because i was uncomfortable with talking to or asking strangers for help, but its gotten worse.

my teacher started calling kids down the row for answers and i could feel my heartbeat racing. she was doing a certain pattern and all my brain could think of was finding out the pattern and repeating the answers over and over and over again so i wouldnt stumble. and the times when im half asleep and my teachers call on me, my throat gets so dry and i can feel myself close to tears and its awful. i cant make eye contact even with my best friend since 5th grade because i can feel them judging me.

but i dont feel close enough to my parents to confide. asian parents have a stigma against anything “”abnormal.”” i dont know what to do. im just rambling.

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Hiya Prism! Welcome to the forums! I can relate to what you're going through. Regardless of what culture you belong to, your parents only want what's best for you and they care deeply for you. You need to tell them what's going on. And don't worry about rambling. We all ramble here sometimes :) Hopefully you can find some comfort and help here. We're all here to listen :)

A friend,

Brian :)


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