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I Should Feel Elated

For a number of years I have been dealing with serious financial issues. It has been a huge stress and often a big cause for the anxiety to go through the roof. The issues got so bad that I was facing foreclosure by January. I decided to take money out of my retirement to pay off the mortgage and home equity loan. This would give my life some peace. However, the bank had other plans. They messed up seriously and I fought back. I am not one to be assertive but this time I was. I contacted various organizations to find out what my rights were, filed complaints with national organizations, contacted several state politicians and really stood up for myself. At times I felt more confident than I ever have in my life. Yesterday I got the final word and it is all over. The loans are paid off in full, I don't have to pay extra fees and in fact got a refund. So I should feel wonderful today but I am exhausted and as the day wore on the depression came back. Why am I not feeling wonderful and happy over this? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Stress can cause depression. After all you went through your mind and body need time to heal.

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one thing i have learnt over the years is not to question my feelings. Our rational brain always seeks answers and i dont think there are any. the best way is to let it be. the more you resist, the more it gets bad. just observe and you will see new feelings coming in. power to you, the observer


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