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How can you stop anxiety from overwhelming you and accomplish everyday tasks?

Here lately I havent been able to get anything done 100%. I go through the motions at work because I worry so much about my dementia'd grandmother. But when I get home I am so overwhelmed with worry that I literally make myself sick before I drive to see her. With anxiety this bad I dont need to drive but my worry doesnt lessen until I see her then a second later it doubles if she has had a bad day and cranks right back up even if shes had a good day. I can not keep doing this but there is no way financially to do anything different. I cannot afford to get sick and not take care of her or get sick and not go to work. How do yall handle worry?

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That must be very difficult for you. I’m sorry you are suffering so much. I take deep breathes and reach out to family and friends to talk it out. I am on new meds and i hope they get me back to a stable place. If you have any sick or vacation time, and you get FMLA and use that time so that you get paid when you take FMLA? We are all here to support you.


Thank you for the kind words!


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