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Is it real

First of all thank you for this platform and making it live. I think people who don't suffer this anxiety don't take it to be a true sickness. Whenever I try explaining to one what I go through, they can never understand. They advise to stop those thoughts and worries but you find it can't just stop, are we really sick and then I think there should be a way our sufferings are considered and we are protected by the law, just a suggestion

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welcome samjon1's true people who don't suffer from an illness such as depression or anxiety that social stigma has placed so much negativity on, tend to dismiss us. Being here at least you will have a place to connect and learn and know your not alone...glad your sharing.


thanks for the encouragement, I feel relived to find people who understand what I go through


You're right, I wish it was recognized more and taken more seriously. The world is just go go go, and mental health is a serious problem. So many crimes (like running people down with their cars or public shootings) and suicides could be avoided - if people just stopped and cared more and those who were suffering could get help before hurting themselves or others. And it's like some of us are born with the ability to be depressed and some aren't... My mom can absolutely NOT relate to my bother, sister, or my dad who we all have our own form of depression or anxieties. And she says.. she just doesn't know how we feel or what we mean. She's lucky.


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