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So what is up my the guilty past memories?

Over my years of learning about my anxiety disorder, I have understood the roll of the amygdala and how it freaks out and sends panic signals to my whole body. So when I get massive nausea, my brain is shutting down my digestive tract to help running (in a primitive way). When I have overall dread- my body is again telling me to run.

But WHY does anxiety think it is a good idea to make me think of stupid things I said or did 10, 15, 20 years ago??? To the point where I am in my bed just reliving the whole thing feeling horrible?

Seriously - if the crux of anxiety is flight or flight----WTF is this part of my brain malfunction :-|

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I hear what your saying's like having a hamster wheel in your head, obsessive thinking , it does drive ya nuts going over the same stuff....especially stuff from the past. The stuff that we cannot change what has already happened and stuff that maybe makes us sad, or have regrets. Therapy helped me a lot with that. Not living in regret...knowing I cannot change the past...get into this moment ...get my head wrapped around right now..what's going on with my life now...what's good in my life...even if I am in the middle of crap going on, there has to be something good to think about...roof over our head...even having a computer to be able to talk on this site is a blessing for me. Try to learn to change your thinking direction....stop....take a breath....get in touch with where you are...stay warm, cozy, fluff up your some soothing sounds, I like the sound of rain...sometimes I put on a show on tv and have the sound turned down...white noise effect...keeps your brain busy on caffeine too late, or sweets, a cup of chamomile tea....


Maybe the unresolved guilt is the root cause for your anxiety? The brain might giving you a trouble code like when the check engine comes on in a car. I am not completely sure but you said that is the only thing that was left when you are alone with your thoughts.

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