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Dogs are daughters too...


She's NOT a human; I know that.

She's still as important to me as if she was though, and lately I've been depressed about how big she's gottensince I got her ("2yrs old")about 5 years ago. She's an adult now, looking forward to old age, and I'm a little panicky because SHE'S MY BABY, I can NOT watch her die!!!!!❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤

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You have no choice I'm afraid coz anyone who has pets has to lose them some day. It's best not to think about this but just enjoy all the time you still have with her and make some great memories.

Pets bring us a lot of love and pleasure but unfortunately they are not as long lived as we are and losing them is the price we have to pay. At 7 she is still relatively young and I am sure has many good years yet. Don't ruin them by worrying about the future. x

pipco in reply to hypercat54

Um, thanks.

Yes, thanks.

Tough love; I get it.

ALL the time I get it.

I think that's almost exactly what my husband said to me that made me come HERE looking for understanding.

But the effort and energy you gave up to reply for me is appreciated and reciprocated.

I am, in fact, trying to appreciate the time I have with her-while simultaneously secretly spiraling into my depression because im a terrible motherowner and shes going to get sock and die because of me (no, NOT literally)

Thanks again, it's nap time now, she's at my feet.❤🙂

hypercat54 in reply to pipco

Hi sorry if I seem less than emphatic. I am not really. I am on my 4th cat and every time one of my other ones went I was devastated. My last one I was so upset I was crying buckets of tears at the vets and they had to give me a big towel to mop them up. For around 4/5 days every time I looked in the mirror I saw a cat murderer! I felt terrible. It wasn't until a week later that all the messages I got such as he was loved, he had a good life etc., took effect and I started to feel a little better. Even though my current cat is now 4 I still miss my old one so much. I miss all 3 of them a lot and hope I see them all again one day at Rainbow Bridge.

I used to take my sisters dog out every day until she suddenly dropped dead at 7 around a year ago now. My sister and I were stunned, gutted, and every emotion under the sun. She blamed herself for not somehow knowing she was ill. I blamed myself for taking her out that day to the park and throwing the ball for her. I miss her like crazy and think about her a lot. She was a wonderful dog and went way before her time. x

like hypercat54 said: stop thinking of the end of their life...and enjoy the life your having with them...

pipco in reply to fauxartist

That's my point-I'm having a hard time doing that. My mind whirls with negative thoughts of death and doom, and I thought I might get something other than "just don't think about it" on a site devoted specifically to depression, anxiety and similar disorders that make such things very difficult, if not impossible.

It's not JUST you-I just really thought I'd get something closer to a sympathetic ear rather than crappy Facebook comments.

I need a nap. Sorry I got bitchy, you're trying to help too.. ❤

fauxartist in reply to pipco

your okay to vent...perfectly understand....your frustrated and not hearing what you need to worries...we are a sympathetic ear....honestly....FB is crappy when it comes to flaming and trashing...we don't do that here, sorry you got that impression, apologies. Please don't hold back....share away pipco....

pipco in reply to fauxartist

It's still better than FB. 😒

hi, my best friend was jack, the dog in my picture on the left. he lived until he was 17 years old and died on my 60th birthday last year. I still miss him but have some great memories. please enjoy her time with you she could have years left in her yet. and don't forget pets can sense how you are feeling. what sort of dog is she, she is beautiful. x I had a cat that lived until he was 24 years old x

pipco in reply to dillydally1

I do try REALLY hard to remember her 'emotional esp', but sometimes.....

I nap a lot. She sleeps with me or in HER chair, watching me/watching tv.

I'm so sorry about Jack-you know how I feel, and I really appreciate your sharing it with me, it was really all I wanted... I've started taking more pics and more walks to appreciate her fully so I have all the memories I can get.🙄

Thanks again! ❤❤

How did she seem to feel about not leaving the house for walks/etc? I don't go out often-This month I managed about 3 20 minute walks per week, and it's a big achievement...❤

Omg she sounds amazing. I bet her little foot was cute.😊 I used to let my girl in the car in the back seat, but that ended in panic after a fender bender and a bit of vomit. Now I have a front-worn bag she chills in comfortably.

My Chihuahua has different feelings and needs than your undoubtedly adorable Lhasa, which is love to see a pic of if you like. My crap came to its shatter-point AFTER I'd had her more than a year, or i wouldn't have gotten such an energy-pot!😅

Now I just do what I can to keep her entertained when she wants, I've never had a better girl than her!!

Thanks, loved this!❤

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