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Can’t seem to get out of this funk damnnnn!!!

Such a dark and lonely place to be ...

nobody understands why I don’t wanna do anything ...

My daily routine I’m doing like a zombie

I don’t feel anything just lost and alone.

I have nobody to talk to . I don’t want hubby to worry about me...

I want to be left alone but I don’t want to be lonely.

How have I become so alone

Where is everyone...

I suppose my depression pushed everyone away...

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Depression is so self-absorbing, that we tend to go off by ourselves just to lower the stress level. But we're social creatures at heart, and it truly hurts to feel all alone. Depression is "evil" because it discourages us from doing the things we need to do to feel human.

You're welcome to message me anytime if you're feeling down.

Hope4321 in reply to jkl5500

Thank you x

Yes you’re right

Relationships are difficult, they require us to give and take. Depression tricks us in to thinking that we are alone. Its difficult for me to share my struggles with friends as I’m afraid of the judgement, what if they say something that makes it worse. If I put myself out there I will get hurt. My experience is that relationships end and that is painful. Rather than feel that discomfort I just don’t try. Being alone also comes with its set of difficulties. I often feel left out which has its set of issues. It’s all a matter of self esteem for me. Knowing this I do things that will lift my self esteem. Eat right, exercise,meditation,read the Bible,be present at work, write a gratitude list, the list goes on. Speak with your husband tell him your feelings, tell him what’s going on. Let him help you, tell him what you need and how he can help you. It’s ok if he is worried about you, your in pain, that’s real and it’s ok. Embarrass this pain, accept it, than work on you with your husbands help.

SA192461 in reply to Rpan

I so wish my husband would have hung in there and at least tried with me..after 30 years. :-(. Depression & Anxiety helped me lose a man I love very much.

Hope4321 in reply to SA192461

Thats so heartbreaking 😢 I’m sorry.. its so sad how much we lose through this awful depression and anxiety isn’t it. We lose parts of ourselves and others x I’m sorry ♥️

SA192461 in reply to Hope4321

Thank you so very much❤️I feel so lost.

iris_r in reply to SA192461

Me too, I lost my husband too due to depression. I'm sorry for your pain <3

Hope4321 in reply to Rpan

Thanks x

Yes most friends have left and couldn’t handle my ‘disappearing acts’ I only have one very good friend who completely understands and actually empathises with what i have gone through in life.. but that’s because she grew up with me and kind of went through it all with me . And I think that helped her to understand my depression and anxiety. But the rest just seem to kind of gang up together and talk about how much of a crap friend I am etc... which I agree with.. sometimes i hide and delete everyone and push people.

My husband has been amazing and has done a lot for me such as moving houses multiple times to get away from negative relatives or friends (his own family) etc just to protect me from any negativity (it was his choice to do this I never mentioned moving or anything) and to help me get through my depression... but still it sometimes creeps back into my life and at this point I feel awful telling my husband as I can see the pain in his eyes like he’s thinking ‘I’ve done so much and tried to protect you so much why are you still depressed ‘ but he’s never said that .. i can just feel it . We’ve talked a lot about me going into therapy/ counselling I’m not sure what the correct term is but not sure how it’ll help... I’ll still feel alone and abandoned in life even if i talk about it...

So sorry you feel like this again.

Your husband is a keeper for sure.

It's your depression that is tricking you into thinking there's no hope.

Please do try some counselling or therapy.

Sending hugs x

Thank you for your reply 💕

Yes he really is , he’s so amazing with me I think it’s partly because he is professionally a nurse... so I suppose that helps but he’s naturally very caring and empathetic... and that helps him to be amazing at his job too x

Yes I do know deep down that it is my depression because generally I’m happy with my life and have sooo much to be grateful for but depression comes and blankets all over my happiness and darkens it !

I am thinking about it x I have gone before when i younger x

Hugs back ♥️

Our past experiences often are so deeply ingrained in us that they are required to be expressed. Sometimes we have to learn how past events affect us today so we can put a period at the end of that sentence and move on. It really can be helpful. It’s tough to ask for help, but hey your doing it here. It won’t hurt to try therapy.

Hope4321 in reply to Rpan

Thank you.

I agree. All the trauma I’ve been through in life has definitely made me like this. I was such a confident bubbly loud cheeky child until things started to go downhill. I became so quiet and painfully shy .i was silent in schools.. literally silent. I wonder why teachers didn’t think i need help .... or parents.

Now the real me (the happy bubbly me) comes out only to certain people but I have a very dark moody , isolated, quiet, paranoid , maybe even jealous of being left out sometimes... side too which pushes friends away

I never thought I could be in a relationship or get married.. due to my dark side. But thankfully my husband came in my path . He’s just the most perfect type of person to deal with my issues.



Hey there ( as you can see I managed to follow this group) get those " Positive pants " on ( a different pair to yesterday mind lol!!) Just think of me flying around in my Superwoman outfit will cheer you up!! Work for me later like to get up early to sort myself out before the day begins ( and also my youngest son for work ). Lets hope the sun shines to brighten up the day !! ☀️☀️

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

Hey Kitty! You always manage to cheer me up you’re amazing!

Wellll forget the pants today morning love because I got a massive kick up the backside... all the building work has finally begun in our house. ( we moved in 6 months ago) ... so no time for mooching around... no place to put a cup of tea !!! Lol x


Hidden in reply to Hope4321

Oh well it will be all worth it once you get all the work done. Part of my Anxiety is that I can't let people into my home ( workmen) I'm ok with people I know ~ but freak out if it's anyone else. Oh help😥😥.

I'm so pleased you have a lovely husband ~ he will be your rock in times of need.Hey you talk about your "dark side " I hope you ain't Darth Vader in disguise lol!

To me you are a lovely caring person who just needs to be understood. So there !! Well I'm just off to iron my Superwoman cape and of course my " Positive pants " ( anyone else reading this will think I've lost the plot lol !!) 😂😂x

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

Oh I’m absolutely the same! These guys we know them very well they’re my dads friends and they’ve always done work at my parents so they’re like family to us . Thats the only reason they’re here plus hubby took days off so he’s home .

Lmao 😂 maybe I am

🖤Darth Vader🖤!!! You will never guess what our cat is called!???

Aww thank you x you’re the best!

Seriously i was thinking the same thing lmao they must think we’re mad

✨👖 ✨ go on get ironing... lmao

🔥 (and poof she’s gone ) 🔥

Hidden in reply to Hope4321

Oh blimey what's your cat called?~ I have 3 tinkers Poppy who's an old lady of 18 ~ Ko Ko who's 13 and Twiglet who's 10. Think sometimes it does you good to have a laugh !! That's great you have people you trust doing your work and of course that your husband is there with you. I'm divorced but that's another story!!

Well cape and pants all in order so that's me sorted. I was gonna say " To infinity and beyond but that's blimmin Buzz Lightyear ~ oh yes the plot is well and truly lost 😨😨x

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

Awww such cute names...

Well ours is a blue British shorthair and SHE is the cutest dinkiest pink nosed cutie... we got her a month after we got married and moved in together.... i was coming out with all the cute Lucy, Poppy, Cookie, Lulu ... the lot ! he FORCED me to let him name HER Obi Wan Kenobi..... why... just why ... I swear i was thinking of divorce lmmmmao ! Every time we go vets they call her ‘he’ I’m like nah its a she its just my hubby lost his marbles love...

But now she really suit Obi ... can’t imagine anything else... 🙄

Lmao lovey you really are a hero aren’t you.. go on fly off ! save the world...

Hidden in reply to Hope4321

Oh I LOVE that name ! Guess your husband a star wars fan.My youngest son is a mahoosive fan!! Just watched Last Jedi on DVD last Sat ~ loved it ~ Rose being my fav!

Got my positive pants on ( hope yours are on too) Wishing you your husband and of course Obi well today. May the force be with you ( guess it always will ~ with Obi by your side 😼x

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

🙄🙄🙄 I’ve lost ya Kitty... I’ve lost ya to Star Wars... you’ve been taken!!! WHYYYYYY 😭

Mine are on ! I’ve finally got over the funk! Thank goodness it only lasted a week ... x thanks for all your word honestly it really helped xx

Lmao Obi is the force! 😻

Hidden in reply to Hope4321

Oh that's fab pleased you are on the "up " Hope you ain't sent me to " The Dark Side " I don't wanna be in Darth Vaders crew!! You have a fab wknd ~ go out and treat yourself to something nice!! I will be having my Superwoman cape on tomoz and of course my positive pants lol!! Pleased I could cheer you up a bit 🐱🐱x

I feel the same way!!! I have an aunt who also suffers from depression so talk with her a lot but sometimes it just is not enough.

How do you get out of bed in the morning? How do you go to work everyday?

I feel that I have ZERO friends! I have pushed them away cause they don’t understand depression. I hate depression!!! Afraid it has taken over my life!!!!

Im so sorry you feel the same Michelle . I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone.

Yes its so strange how even getting up in the morning is a struggle.

I was born with a lung condition which requires strict routine, exercise, diet and all the treatments on time... so when i get in a funk my physical health really struggles. I’m struggling to breathe and my fever is through the roof... I need to sort myself out seriously.

Same like I said I only have one friend left and we grew up together so she lived through it all with me . And my husband is my best friend of course. All my other friends are gone. What I cannot deal with is all my ex friends thinking I’m the worst person ever because i keep disappearing and things like that... I hate the thought of them just sat in a group talking about me that’s what’s put me down so much.. I want to defend myself but nobody understands depression...

Oh well onwards and upwards ♥️

Me too! I am getting to the point that I hate going out in public! Hate to hear what they all say about me! Look how fat she has gotten, etc.

Same this is what causes me to isolate myself.. which of course makes things worse so I dont recommend it ...

iris_r in reply to michelle2018

I also feel the same Michelle. I have days of not talking to a single person. When I do open up to a friend, I usually receive empathy and helpful suggestions but when I don't follow-up on suggestions, I feel like I failure. When I'm barely able to get out of bed everything else seems impossible. I am unemployed and need to be job searching with a 29 day need to find a job and new place to live deadline. Living in a place temporarily alone where I know no one. I feel like people have a threshold for listening to the same ole story and I've been struggling for a long time which is so embarrassing. Well...just wanted to let you know you're not alone in this even though this is a tough place to be. Wishing you well!


I can relate. I feel the same. It’s draining and actually hurts physically sometimes. All we can do is keep going and try to find the strength. I’m sorry you’re feeling so bad. I know how hard it is.

Hope4321 in reply to Hidden

Im sorry you feel the same Peggy and hope you feel better soon x

Very very physically draining ... i feel so ill x

Lots of love ♥️

I feel literally the same exact way. My advice to you is remind yourself of the good things you've done and attempt to be less hard on yourself. Its way easier said than done. Message me if you need anything.

Hope4321 in reply to tylerjjjj

Thank you x

Message me anytime too always up for a chat ♥️

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Hope4321 in reply to Rpan

Thanks ♥️

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