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How long does this last?!

I feel like I've been suffering from intense anxiety for the past year and a half. One would think with the medication I take, it would be gone. Don't get me wrong, it HAS subsided considerably. But it's like this little monster in my belly that just won't disappear - always ready to rear its ugly head! I've tried to eliminate things that cause me to be anxious, but of course I can't quit my job and at my age it's not easy to just switch jobs. As always, many thanks for listening. I love this group!

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If you are a woman over 40 know that your hormones could be the culprit. Natural progesterone may be what your body needs. Also, GABA is a supplement that can help soothe you, as well as calcium-magnesium powder (Calm is one brand name, at any drug store). Meds won’t help the underlying issue of hormone-imbalance. Research BHRT. It’s a life-saver. Can you get to a gym or buy a cheap exercise bike? Sweat, baby, get that blood pumping. It’s real true medicine for an anxious mind. It’s not about vanity. You need to flush the lymphatic system and get those toxins moving or they build up and stand in line to get through the liver too long and end up recycling back through your body. The answer to many woes is to break a sweat. Feel that burn even just a little and it will boost your mood.


Thanks for your suggestions. I'm going to test out your theories. :)


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