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Do the next right thing


A simple rule of thumb is to do the next right thing.

I spent way too much of my life looking backwards. It never did me any good, it just caused anxiety and depression. It whittled away at my self esteem until I had none. The change came when I decided not to look back at what happened, but to instead look forward to what I have the opportunity to make happen.

I chose to do whatever was right to do. To right my path. To make things right. To move forward.

If I have an argument, the next right thing is to make an apology. I don’t have to dive onto my sword and say that my point was incorrect, I have to say that I handled the situation incorrectly.

If I break an item, or a promise, I have to do the next right thing whether it costs me dollars or pride.

“I was wrong” or “let me help” both take humility, but they give great results and rewards. Good karma comes back around, but the next right thing is to not care if it ever does.

So if you have just finished doing something good or not so good the next step is simple, do the next right thing!

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One day, not long ago, I had a thug come down on me and verbally assault me. I didn’t back down and I gave it right back. Then I noticed that I was holding onto some emotion about the incident. I approached the thug and apologized, not for what I said, I pretty much said what needed to be said, I apologized for how I handled the situation.

I did the next right thing. I cleaned up a mess in my life. It doesn’t matter how it started, it mattered how I finished it. My side of the street was clean and, if the thug had any amount of sense, I had dumped the dirt into the thug’s lap.

I did the next right thing and I was emotionally comfortable. The thug was left questioning his part in the whole thing, and he just may have learned a lesson in how to be a man.

Agora1 in reply to gerg

Good for you gerg. xx

hypercat54 in reply to gerg

You are so right there gerg. This attitude comes from realising you are totally responsible for your own life and your own behaviour. You own it. At the end of the day you have to be able to look into your eyes in the mirror and be comfortable with what you see. You need to be able to live with yourself knowing that you are the caption of your own ship.

Looking backwards is futile as you can't change it no matter how much you want to and try. The main thing is to learn your lessons for the future and put right what you can. Always be aware of doing the best that you can in any given situation even if it's c***. At the end of the day best is best and no one can expect more of you than that, least of all yourself! x

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