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So far day has been alright but...


So far my day has been good. No sadness, no anger, no staring off into space wondering what I did wrong. It feels wired tho, it doesn't feel normal. I feel like I should be on the verge of tears scolding myself not to cry or something. I went to school in my pj's and didn't have one care in the world. I laughed and smiled while I was having my coughing fit.. I hate being sick... I went out side for math class to do some trig. I even talked to my best friend who is dating my ex. We was talking about my ex and her current boyfriend. She tells me everyday she feels bad about it and I tell her it is fine that I am happy for them. Which I really am. It was a good day but I still have that nagging feeling that it shouldn't been.

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Hiya Wolf! Tell that nagging feeling to take a hike! If you had a good day, YOU HAD A GOOD DAY! :) Sometimes, they can be so few and far between. Enjoy them when they're here :) And if you need to have a good cry, don't scold yourself. Crying can actually be essential to the healing process.

It's never as bad as it seems.......and you have friends here you can turn to.

Brian :)

Thanks. I glad I found this.. All you guys understand in your own way and help. And it's good to know crying can be a healing process

Anytime Bright Eyes :) We may not EXACTLY know what you're going through...everyone's journey is unique....but that doesn't mean we care any less.

If you ever need a shoulder to lean on....or cry on...we're all here for you :)

Brian :)


Your moving on...good for you, that's probably why you felt no emotion. I know sometimes I am like oh really?should I be crying or get upset. I am over it. Heartless...sometimes.

I don't know what it is...

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