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Reality or fictional?

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So what does it mean if you had a one night stand with someone 16 years ago and you continued to think of that person throughout those years. You married someone else and have been married for the last 14 years but yet you still think of the one night stand. In fact you just recently got back in touch with that person and casually talk to one another.

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they must have had an impact on you and whether it was because it set a standard for you to measure everything by or that you had hoped that it would be more than a one night stand, it has clearly been out of reach until now... and that can be quite exciting!

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Madison35 in reply to deborah27

Yeah it can be but still being married and thinking of that one night could be dynamite.

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deborah27 in reply to Madison35

so... now that you are back in touch, how does that change things?

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Madison35 in reply to deborah27

It just makes me realize how boring my life/marriage is. I’ve been unhappy for a while, longer than the reconnection of the old friend but it is put more into perspective the way my life is now

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